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Mystic Prashant
Mystic Prashant
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Prashant Kumar is a Tarot card reader who started his profession at a young age. He deals with the world of the psychic medium and shamanism through tarot readings which guides you through ancient wisdom, and the allegory of human spiritual development. Prashant does his readings through spreads like the Celtic cross, the tree of life, relationship potential, relationship purpose, keys of life, get help making a decision, reversed and upright cards, a glimpse of the past. He has learnt Tarot card reading from his mentor Dr. R.K. Sharma. You can connect with him for love, career, business, relationship marriage related issues. His motto is to heal others the way his mentor did to him. If you are looking for guidance then he is your go to person. He will tell you what the cards and the universe is indicating, sometimes his truth might hurt you but keep this in mind that this is for your betterment only.